Experiences at Møn

A great location!
Located in between Stege and Møn’s Klint – Bakkelund is perfectly located as a starting point for you exploring the island!

Møn’s Klint – a unique nature experience
A ‘must see’ at Møn is the spectacular exhibition ‘The birth of Denmark’ at Geocenter Møn http://www.moensklint.dk/uk?lang=en.

You can follow the stairs all the way to the beach. Møn’s Klint is for both children and adults. You can spend hours looking for fossils at the beach, and if you are lucky you will see the worlds fastest bird, the peregrine falcon. Møn has a rich birdlife with birds like eagles, cranes and kites passing by.

Visit this website for more information about Møn’s Klint. https://front.visitmoensklint.dk/oplevmoen_uk.html

Nature and culture at Møn: non-forgettable memories
Møn has many nature and cultural experiences to offer. Just to mention a few, we recommend the following:

Stege – the local cosy town
Last but not least! Do not forget to visit our lovely local town Stege. Here are plenty of shops, cafes and restaurants to enjoy. Take a walk through the town and along the harbour. https://www.visitmoensklint.com/ln-int/moen/main-places

Sun, beach and water
If it is summer and sunshine, Møn has some wonderful sandy beaches to spend the day or go for a swim. We recommend Råbylille beach or Klintholm beach. You could also make a trip for Ulvshave beach and visit the charming village Nyord.

Nyord – a pearl
The village Nyord is a pearl. Expect to be taken 200 years back in time. Time stands still in Nyord as you walk through this little village with charming houses, a beautiful church, a small harbour and the field with thousands of birds. http://naturstyrelsen.dk/naturoplevelser/naturguider/ulvshale-og-nyord/

There are plenty of opportunities…

We will happily tell you about our personal favourite spots in Møn so you can have some great experiences.